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What Is URF

URF ™ is the abbreviation for Unique Romanian Factor – an index that measures the properties of honey.

For conventional honey URF ™ measures the properties of honey and compliance with international quality standards.
Each jar of honey bearing the URF logo ™ comes from a batch verified by us according to the patented method for this purpose. This factor is a constant in Romanian honey and is measured in the diagram below.


International honey standard
Antioxidant activity12345
Antimicrobial activity12345
Antimicotic activity12345

Maintaining health

Functional food – Improving health

 URF ™URF ™20-100URF ™100-150URF ™150-250URF ™250+
Recommended daily intakeDaily consumption to maintain healthstrengthening the immune systemminor ailments sore throat, cough, mild colds etccase of infections, inflammation, acidity or gastric of antibiotic-resistant infections such as Staphylococcus aureus, helicobacter pylori, candida




The higher the URF level, the better the honey

Methylglyoxal, the active component of Manuka honey responsible for its unique antibacterial properties. This substance is formed naturally in the nectar of Manuka flowers, from which bees make honey.
The MGO factor ™ has the role of indicating the antibacterial power of Manuka honey, by measuring the level of methylglyoxal in honey. The higher the MGO ™ level, the stronger the antibacterial properties of honey. This factor is a constant in Manuka honey and is measured in mg / kg.

MGO ™ is a registered trademark of Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. and only honey independently tested by certified and authorized laboratories in New Zealand may bear this label.

What are the advantages of the MGO ™ certification system?

Not all Manuka honey is the same. Methylglyoxal (MGO) levels can vary greatly from honey to honey. This is why Manuka Health tests and certifies each batch of Manuka MGO ™ honey to guarantee the level of methylglyoxal indicated on the label. Also, each batch is subjected to a strict quality test and full traceability to the beekeeper from which it comes is fully ensured.

Manuka Health developed the MGO ™ evaluation and quality assurance system based on the scientific evidence discovered in 2008 by Professor Thomas Henle and his research group at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. They identified methylglyoxal (MGO) as one of the main compounds found in Manuka honey in New Zealand. The MGO ™ system for evaluating and ensuring the quality of Manuka honey offers customers the opportunity to make a conscious choice of the honey they buy. The higher the MGO factor ™, the higher the antibacterial action of honey.

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