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Production and technology


Our company has developed a series of innovative products, from 100% pure Romanian honey, purified and filtered in accordance with EU Quality Standards, patented and registered brand: Meli Feli:  linden honey, acacia, polyflora and honey for children, the only honey recommended by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics, O’ Meli: honey enriched naturally with polyphenols. The owned capacities allow us to process 3000 tons of honey per year, in the condition with signed pre-contracts with our partners.

The countries where we export

80% of the European market (direct deliveries to Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, Poland), Arabic countries, USA, Israel and China.


220 liter metal drums (approximately 300 kg net weight) produced by Greif Hungary made especially for food packaging, inside  painted with special  lacquer for  foodstuff approved by the International Food Safety Directives. We also  can deliver honey in glass jars, at weights of: 150, 250,400,1000 grams for shops or at 32 -50 grams for HORECA (hotels, restaurants, catering). On request we deliver our own brand (www.meli-feli.com) or private label.

Technology and production

We have special installations and technology capable to assure a good preparation of the batches: 2 heating chambers ( 40 tons / by charge), 1 homogenization tank of 40 tons and storage capacity (approx. 3000 t). All the honey is homogenized in batches of 20 or 40, unit quality. We have our own laboratory, where a well-trained and qualified staff works. They analyze the honey produced exclusively from Romania. In our laboratory we do preliminary analyzes: antibiotics, HMF, color, water content, pollen, counterfeiting. Other analyzes, until homogenization are made at QSI and Intertek company, Germany. This procedure allows us to offer high quality controlled batches, which meet the high quality standards and requests from our partners.

We ensure you that we are a great business partner that responds to your needs through: quality, certifications and professionalism. For our client this means: honey according to European and international standards, respecting delivery times and a good knowledge of international beekeeping legislation.

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