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Romania, the country of honey

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Honey – a miracle of nature

Honey – a gift of nature – is the perfect natural food. Entitled “Nectar of the Gods”, it has been a very good business card for over 3,000 years. In Roman times it was used as a means of currency to pay taxes. In ancient Greece, before marriage, girls soaked their fingers in honey to ensure a sweet married life, and practically all over the world, honey was used for its medicinal properties.

Honey has proven healing qualities and is still a popular medicine worldwide for the treatment of sore throats, coughs and colds and also antiseptic.

Honey is also known to increase mental activity and regulate blood pressure because it contains more vitamins, irreplaceable amino acids, ferments and minerals than meat, eggs or cheese. Others would prefer to consume it naturally, coming directly from the work of bees.

Romania with a rich flora, together with four different climates, offers the perfect conditions for the production of supreme quality honey.

Our country is covered by rich and diverse vegetation, where forests represent a third of the national territory. From the top of the mountains to the sea shore you can find rocky vegetation of shrubs, impressive coniferous forests, mixed forests of spruce, fir and beech, flower meadows and ancient forests on hills and plains, oak or mixed forests on plains, forests neighboring along flooded meadows, halophytic or coastal plants along large rivers or the coast, wet vegetation and unlimited reed blankets from swamps and the Danube Delta.

This huge diversity comes from the geographical location of the country, where four different climates interfere: continental, southern European, sub-Mediterranean and central European, in Romania can be found, therefore, 5 different geographical bioregions (Alpine, continental, Pontic, Pannonian and steppe), the largest number found in a single European country.

Types of honey Meli Feli

Polyfloral honey

This is the most popular honey produced in Romania. It is collected from a wide variety of wild flowers, rich in pollen and has a plant taste and a strong aroma of flowers.

Polyfloral honey is considered a perfect type of honey and is used to cure many diseases and health problems. This type of honey is recommended for the treatment of anorexia in the child, due to its high iron content. Polyfloral honey stimulates appetite, facilitates digestion, improves heart and liver function, increases the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood. It is also an amazing remedy for physical and intellectual fatigue. Its consumption prevents growth problems and demineralization of bones.

Honey for children

The only honey recommended by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics.

The importance of honey in children’s nutrition

Benefits of honey consumption:

  • The most powerful and fast natural energizer;
  • Honey sweetens twice as much as sugar;
  • It is easily digestible, is quickly absorbed into the blood and is quickly converted into pure energy;
  • Laxative and sedative properties;
  • Stimulates children’s growth by facilitating the fixation of calcium and magnesium;
  • It has calming properties and is helpful if the child has a cold and coughs or has a sore throat;
  • Improves the immune system;
  • Natural antibiotic – has antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties, which help cure viral infections;
  • Contributes to the healing process.

Nutrients and recommended consumption

Nutrients present in honey:

Natural antioxidants



Vitamins (B complex, folic acid, C, A, D and K)

Calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium

Recommended consumption:

Children aged between 1-3 years – between 1 and 4 teaspoons / day;

Children aged 3-6 years – between 4 and 6 teaspoons / day;

Children over 6 years – maximum 8 teaspoons / day;

Adolescents – maximum 15 teaspoons / day;

Adults – maximum 20 teaspoons / day.

Lime honey

It is collected in late spring and early summer from the flower of linden trees. This natural honey is incredibly fragrant. You will feel the aroma in his mouth long after consumption. It looks like liquid gold and has a sweet taste, freshly mixed with an exotic, floral aroma. The linden flower that blooms in May contains flavonoids, volatile oils and mucilaginous components, which soothe and reduce inflammation. These properties are then passed into honey. Lime honey is well known for its anti-bacterial, expectorant, anti-inflammatory properties and mild laxative effect. It is often used to treat sore throat, cold and flu, laryngitis, bronchitis, asthma, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and gallbladder diseases. Lime honey also gives you a perfect natural cardio tonic.

Acacia honey

She is considered the queen of honey in Romania, although there are other varieties that are much better due to their characteristics and, especially, through their therapeutic effect. It is very easily assimilated by the body, providing energy through the bioactive and nutritious substances it contains.

Acacia honey is a monoflora, meaning it was harvested mainly from a single plant species – acacia. Acacia honey is an excellent tonic for both children and convalescents, as well as for pregnant women. Of all the types of honey, each with its specific properties, acacia honey soothes coughs and is used successfully in the treatment of asthenia and neurosis.

It has a higher fructose content than other types of honey (41.7%), contains 10% sucrose and 34.7% glucose, which is why it is very difficult to crystallize. The color, immediately after harvesting is transparent, but depends on the color of the honeycombs from which it was extracted, and may acquire shades of light yellow. It has a pleasant taste and shows no signs of crystallization when fresh. The smell is specific, of acacia flowers.


Honey barrel – Metal barrels of 200 l with a diameter of 60 cm, height 90 cm, with removable lid, fixed by a metal circle.

Classic glass jar

Jar 275 g: 6 pieces / box / 205

500 g jar: 6 pieces / box / 174

Jar 950 g: 6 pieces / box / 105

Plastic bottle

250 g bottle: 6 pieces / box / 294

500 g bottle: 6 pieces / box / 140

Glass jar packaging

We offer our customers a wide range of high quality glass jars, of different shapes and sizes to choose from. Our suppliers are factories with a tradition in the glass industry, well known and appreciated all over the world.

The product can be customized using metal caps of different colors.


Types of honey: multifloral, acacia, lime, rapeseed, sunflower, forest.

Bulk honey – we deliver homogenized honey in new barrels.

Packaged honey – we produce / sell packaged honey with custom label for export.

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