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About us

A short story

ROM HONEY GROUP started its activity in 2016, having as main objective the identification of local honey producers and supporting their efforts by marketing natural products but also promoting local honey, obtained through certified processes, in the context in which honey production is an activity with tradition in Romania. The company collaborates in this respect with analysis laboratories and research institutions, so that the marketed products meet the requirements regarding the curative properties of an authentic product and comply with international standards. The company has developed a series of products that it has registered: lime honey, acacia honey, polyfloral honey, honey for children (the only honey recommended by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics), O Meli (manuka honey type).

Our team

Andra Nichitean

General Manager

Baican Ioana

Commercial Director

Constantin Andreea

Engineer in the biotechnology food industry

Marina Chedric

Sales & Marketing Manager
The experience in France helped me to understand in depth a philosophy of a life oriented towards satisfaction. Faire plaisir translates into trust and passion – quality.”
Andra Nechitean
General Manager

About the technology behind Meli Feli, you can find out more details here: production and technology.