Honey from Romania

The best quality honey, harvested with care for you.

Meli Feli honey is processed in the shortest time, using the latest technology.

Export & technology

Meli Feli has it's own laboratory, where a well-trained and qualified staff works to analyze honey.

Types of honey

Meli Feli has developed a series of innovative, patented products, made of 100% Romanian pure honey.

Honey with a story

Dearly produced in Romania

Raw honey

Our products are 100% from Romania

The best quality honey, harvested with care for you.

Why bee honey

What can we do with honey?

Honey can be used for various purposes.

Ingredient in recipes

Bee honey is used in many dishes. From morning coffee to the most interesting steaks.

Cosmetic treatments

Honey has been used in cosmetic treatments for decades due to its nourishing, healing and moisturizing qualities.

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Medicinal purpose

The benefits of consuming honey are numerous: it is an effective antioxidant, an energy source, it can be used in seasonal antiallergic treatments, it helps to heal wounds, etc.

Adjuvant in weight loss treatments

Take the sugar out of your diet! If you want to lose weight, you have to leave the refined sugar on the shelf and start sweetening your food only with honey.

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